Adwatch of the Year

Oak Furnitureland tops Campaign’s prestigious Adwatch of the Year 2019 with MNC’s fundamentally different approach to media planning and buying.

Acorn to oak tree in just 9 years

Since 2011, MNC has helped Oak Furnitureland scale
from an unknown brand into a household name

Adwatch of the Year 2019

When it comes to Campaign’s Adwatch of the Year, a review of the most-recalled TV campaigns in the UK, Oak Furnitureland have been part of the furniture.

And in 2019, we helped them take the top spot to be crowned the most memorable brand of the year. Not only that: we did it with the most cost-efficient media investment of anyone on the list, outperforming brands with budgets several times larger.

A fundamentally different approach

Oak Furnitureland’s number 1 marketing objective has always been the same: sustainable ROI.

Since we’ve been working with them, the brand has grown from a little-known ecommerce operation to a multichannel retailer with 100 stores and counting. Topping the Adwatch chart? A nice bonus. With our fundamentally different media approach, prioritising ROI doesn’t mean brand awareness has to suffer.

A sustainable ROI

The audience’s relationship with TV and other media has dramatically evolved over the past decade. Yet most advertisers’ strategies have barely changed. A highly fragmented audience with changing viewing habits calls for something different.

We continuously fine-tune every aspect of our clients’ advertising strategy. We combine proprietary technology and first-class analysts to ensure that performance insights inform an ongoing process of campaign optimisation.

An extension to our business

“MNC is an extension to our business… they have developed with us over time and helped us out-think, rather than out-spend, our competitors. Driving the top line is crucial, because the holy grail for every retailer is how its marketing investment plays out in terms of ROI.”

Alex Fisher
CEO, Oak Furnitureland


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...their performance in Adwatch of the Year is a tribute to consistent, intelligent media planning and buying.

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